How To Create A Mobile WordPress Site

With Smart Phones and Tablets taking the role of primary Internet provider for more and more people each year it makes a lot of sense to have a mobile site for your business. This can involve the creation of a dedicated mobile Web site, an additional expense. Another problem is the scripts used to identify […]

Easy WordPress Niche Keyword Research

Few things impact the profitability of a WordPress blog more than keyword research. Many people gloss over the issue and concentrate instead on the niche. That can be a problem if you are targeting the wrong keywords. Buyers tend to use certain search terms when they are ready to make a purchase. These terms are […]

A Video About WordPress As A CMS

WordPress is certainly the most popular CMS around. But is it the best? WordPress has a huge following for many reasons. Themes, plugins and the WordPress Community are just three of those reasons. These are also the major advantages of using WordPress as a CMS. Changing the look of every other major CMS platform requires […]

How To Create A WordPress Plugin Videos Part 5

Admin options can make the difference between a plugin that simply works, and one that works well.  Many simple plugins have no options at all. This can mean having to edit plugin files to make the plugin work the way you want it to. This also means you must edit the files to change or […]

How To Create A WordPress Plugin Videos Part 4

There are plenty of reasons you might want to create a WordPress plugin of your own. Having your own WordPress plugin is a quick way to establish yourself or brand as a force in WordPress. Of course there is the potential for profit. There are thousands of dollars made on plugins on a regular basis. […]

How To Create A WordPress Plugin Videos Part 3

One of the best ways to learn something new is to see how it is done and follow along on your own. That is the format of this series of how to videos on creating your first WordPress plugin. Author Pippin Williamson creates WordPress plugins like Easy Digitital Downloads. He is also a great tutor […]

How To Create A WordPress Plugin Videos Part 2

In this, the second part of the How To Create A WordPress Plugin Video series you learn how to structure the empty plugin frame you created in video one. The video starts by showing you how to add a folder for your plugin to the plugins folder in wp-content. This is very useful if you […]

How To Create A WordPress Plugin Videos Part 1

Plugins are the lifeblood of WordPress. They expand and change the behavior of a WordPress installation letting you customize the blog to suit your needs. WordPress (WP) really does not change much. What shapes a WordPress blog is the theme and plugins you install and activate. The intense popularity of WordPress plugins among WP users […]

How To Find Your WordPress RSS Feed

One of the most asked questions about WordPress is “How do you find the RSS feed for A WordPress blog?” This can be good to know for several reasons. One of those is the fact that with the feed location you can add your feed from your WordPress blog to your Facebook profile or business […]

How To Create A Feedburner RSS Feed For WordPress

Feed services can play a huge role in getting free traffic to your WordPress blog. Adding your blog’s feed to services like Google’s Feedburner is a great way to increase the reach of your blog. In part this works because Feedburner belongs to Google. As the largest of the search engines Google attracts plenty of […]