A Video About Build a Website With WordPress 3.5 (2013 Edition)

  One of the reasons WordPress remains the most popular CMS (Content Management System) is because WordPress continues to evolve. The latest version of WordPress (3.5.1 as this is written) has added several very useful features. You now have more control over your front page layout thanks to the new default theme "2012" as it […]

More Traffic, Comments And Return Visitors With WordPress

Every blog owner would like to have more organic traffic, comments and return visitors. That is exactly the topic of this how to copywriting video. Pro copywriter Rob Canyon is back again with another installment of his Web copywriting course. Canyon’s experience as a professional copywriter gives him a great perspective on this topic. The […]

Add Guru Style Affiliate Links To WordPress Posts

Creating posts for affiliate products is a skill unto itself. Do a good job… and you get sales and comissions as a reward. Do it wrong… and you’re just wasting time. Publishing posts and reviews about products you are an affiliate of is a staple of marketing with WordPress. How you place the affiliate link […]

WordPress Copywriting: Formatting And More

One of the  most asked questions about WordPress is how to write a post that people will like. Especially for those new to writing the subject of creating a good or even great blog posts is very important to your future success. With that in mind we will be concentrating on writing a highly effective […]

WordPress SEO By Yoast Set Up Video

SEO is no different than any other challenge faced by bloggers. If there is a need, you will find a variety of WordPress plugins created expressly to  solve the problem. As is also the case with other WordPress topics, not everything available is of equal quality. The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is probably the best […]

WordPress SEO Basics

Don Campbell authored this how to video about WordPress SEO. SEO is probably more important for blogs these days than ever before. With the huge influx of new WordPress users cranking out all kinds of content you need every edge you can get to help your blog stand out from the crowd. Using the SEO […]

Add A Logo To A WordPress Site

This how to video created by Tyler Moore shows you how to replace the default blog title text in WordPress to your logo image. This really adds a professional look to any business site In fact, adding a logo image is such a professional standard these days that every premium WordPress theme seems to include […]

How To Add A Slider To Your WordPress Header

Image sliders are a great way to keep visitors on your site long enough to see what you have to offer. Most Premuim WordPress themes feature a slider of some sort, but few free themes have this feature by default. Like many other things having to do with WordPress, several very good plugins can help […]

How To Create A Video Gallery In WordPress

WordPress is truly versatile. Videos and images work just as well as text when it comes to quality content. In fact, the popularity of videos is tremendous as you can see by the success of YouTube and other video sharing sites. Video draws visitors to a site. This how to video is all about creating […]

Creating A Post Properly In WordPress

Nothing is more personal than the style of blogging you decide to use. This plays a pivotal role in determining who is in your audience. Different people are attracted to different styles of writing just as different people have different ways of expressing themselves. While individuality is what makes one satnd out on the Internet, […]