10 Great Free WordPress Plugins

This video by Jessica Swanson of Shoestring Marketing, lists her 10 favorite open source plugins. There are some really good plugins among her choices. The one I might question would be WP Super Cache. Plugins like this do work. They make for happy search engines as advertised. But they also get plenty of love from […]

Using The WordPress Landing Pages Plugin

This video shows how to use the very cool “Landing Pages” pluggin. If you use WordPress to collect leads, this is a great plugin to have. The plugin allows you to choose from several templates including a developers version that you can study then use to create your own templates. Published by “InboundNow”, this video […]

Great WordPress Plugin List

This video by “Art Of Blog” is a description of some of the authors favorite WordPress plugins. I found this list interesting because it contained a couple of cool sounding plugins I had never seen before. The list has no bad plugins, although you could make arguments for a few others to be included. In […]

How To Install Adsense On WordPress

Google Adsense is a popular way to monetize a WordPress blog. The video below will show you how to place adsense ads on your site easily by installing a free WordPress plugin. Adsense can provide a nice boost to your earnings with a niche blog. This video was created by Leonid Lurie and posted on […]

The Better WordPress Security Plugin

With the ever escalating attempts being made to hack WordPress blogs you can not afford to ignore the security level of your blog without paying the price. Because hackers don’t care how popular a blog is, even brand new WordPress installs are at risk. A hacked blog can loose visitors and drop in the SEO […]

How To Update A WordPress Plugin

Despite the fact that this video fails to live up to what the title states “How To Update A WordPress Plugin In 2 Minutes” coming in at 2:20, it does explain the process of updating a WordPress plugin. The video was published by Steven Leconte who goes by “StevenTheWebmaster” and it is easy enough to […]

Create A PHP WordPress Plugin In 10 Minutes

Developing Your First WordPress Plugin

Interacting With The Database With A WordPress Plugin PT. 2

Interacting With The Database With A WordPress Plugin PT. 1