How To Resize A Video In WordPress

If you are using a blog hosted at your options for embedding videos a pretty narrow. There is no way for you to change the size of the video to better fit your post or theme. On the other hand, the outlook is much brighter for those hosting their WordPress blog on their own […]

How To Remove Widgets From The WordPress Dashboard

The default WordPress Dashboard contains many widgets. If you are like the majority of WordPress users you only use a couple of those widgets. That pretty much reduces the rest of the widgets to nothing but clutter. This video will show you how to clean up the clutter by deleting the unecessary widgets from the […]

How To Add A New WordPress Post

Posts are a huge part of WordPress. After all, WordPress blog is defined by the content of your posts. That makes adding a new post an important task to learn. Even though WordPress is famous for being easy to use, just setting off to add posts to a new blog can raise quite a few […]

How To Find Your WordPress RSS Feed

One of the most asked questions about WordPress is “How do you find the RSS feed for A WordPress blog?” This can be good to know for several reasons. One of those is the fact that with the feed location you can add your feed from your WordPress blog to your Facebook profile or business […]

How To Create A Feedburner RSS Feed For WordPress

Feed services can play a huge role in getting free traffic to your WordPress blog. Adding your blog’s feed to services like Google’s Feedburner is a great way to increase the reach of your blog. In part this works because Feedburner belongs to Google. As the largest of the search engines Google attracts plenty of […]

How To Add Posts From WordPress To Facebook

In yesterdays post I mentioned publishing your posts from your WordPress blog to your Facebook fan page. Today we will follow up on that with a how to video on adding your posts to Facebook (FB). This is made possible with a free WordPress plugin called the Facebook Page Publish plugin. To use the plugin […]