10 Social Media WordPress Plugins & Services To Grow Your Social Media Shares & Followers

10 Social Media WordPress Plugins & Services To Grow Your Social Media Shares & Followers With so many social media plugins and tools, I decided to put this list of 10 and share my thoughts on them. Some are good some are bad, but all are very popular. Here are some of the links to […]

Free Social Media sharing Plugin for WordPress Blog|How to share Posts in Social Media

Learn how to share blog posts on social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram from a WordPress blog. Free social media sharing plugin to share blog posts easily.

Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress in 2019 (+ Which Ones You Should NOT Use)

What’s the best social sharing plugin for WordPress? In this video, we take a look at the best social sharing plugins for WordPress and we test them across the most important metrics: speed, mobile responsiveness, customizibility and price. This review turned out to be a “last man standing” scenario, because only one single plugin passed […]

Be Sociable with WordPress Social Media Marketing!

Theres a lot of ways you can leverage off social media marketing to build your business and increase traffic to your website. Social media marketing is a form of viral marketing. How that might look is simply this – the visitor to your site has read your stuff and they liked it, great! How can […]

How to add WordPress Social Share Buttons

This video shows how to install Social Sharing, Smart Popup & Share Buttons by GetSocial.io, on WordPress.

Add social sharing buttons to WordPress 2019

Yes, another social sharing button video! This time I use a highly rated free social sharing plugin for WordPress.

How Add A Hover "Pin It" Button To WordPress

Add A “Pin It” hover button to WordPress… Add Pinterest hover button on Images in WordPress Add “Pin it” pinterest image hover button to images in posts of WordPress website using free jQuery plugin. Visit – http://www.basicwp.com Twitter – http://w… Pinterest can be a great source of highly targeted traffic to send to affiliate links […]

Adding The Pinterest Widget To WordPress

Pinterest widgets for WordPress… Pinterest Widgets WordPress How to use the new Pinterest Widgets on your WordPress Website. The widget creator is available to anyone who has a business account on Pinterest. Pinterest rolled this feature out shortly after adding business accounts but the feature is still pretty much unknown to most WordPress users. The […]

Verifying Your WordPress Blog On Pinterest

Verify your WordPress site on Pinterest… How To Verify Your WordPress Website On Pinterest http://smashbar.net/891.html Verifying your wordpress website lets people see the full URL on your Pinterest profile and in search results. This is great for… Sometimes the smallest things are the ones that matter most. It only takes a moment to verify your […]

Adding A Pinterest Button To WordPress

A Pinterest “Pin It” button for WordPress… Add a Pinterest Button to WordPress Using the GetSocial Plugin Just a quick overview of adding the “Pin It” button from Pinterest to your WordPress blog. I’m using the GetSocial plugin, and show how to customize it to ad… Pinterest exploded onto the Social Media landscape with such […]