How To Embed Tweets Directly Into WordPress Posts And Pages

Learn how to embed Tweets directly into posts and pages in WordPress… How to embed twitter on your WordPress blog Putting tweets into blog posts and pages on a WordPress site is really really easy. In this video we’ll show you how. More WordPress tips, tools and themes a… Adding Tweets without a plugin is […]

How To Send Tweets From WordPress To Twitter

WordPress and Twitter work well together. Here’s how to send automatic Tweets with WordPress… WordPress to Twitter – How to Send Automatic Tweets When You Create a New Blog Post, Part 1 – Did you know that your WordPress blog can send an automatic tweet whenever you publish a new blog post? In this […]

The Top WordPress Twitter Widget Plugins

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Manually Adding Facebook Like And Twitter Tweet Buttons To WordPress

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Add A Facebook Log In To WordPress

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WordPress + Social Media = Gold!

Why would I say that WordPress + Social Media = Gold? Think of it this way. As the holder of one or more WordPress sites you  are a Emper of sorts over the Web space that they make up. This is YOUR Virtual Real Estate. The idea of course for any Emperor is to get […]

Why You Should Be Posting To Your Social Media Accounts From Your WordPress Blog

Posting directly from your blog to the various Social Media sites you have profiles for is a great way to get more traffic. In fact when a blog is new, this can actually help establish a base of readers. I have seen this first hand several times, with this site being one of them. Initially, […]

The Most Popular Free Social Media Share Bar For WordPress

Social Media Share  Bars make it easy for your visitors to share your great WordPress content. They centralize several different Social Media sites thereby eliminating the need for individual plugins  for all included Social Media accounts. The Social Media Share Bar focused on in the video here is one of the cooler ones of it’s […]

Integrating Social Media With WordPress

Social Media plays such a critical role in getting your site ranked that many WordPress Designers are including Social Media features into their themes. But most WordPress themes have no default Social Media functions or options. So what do you do if you want these important links on your blog? The usual answer is to […]