Setting Up Google Authorship For WordPress

Google Authorship can be a powerful asset to bloggers. Using this you can increase your WordPress blogs rank in your Niche because of the many advantages of Google Authorship. Here’s how to set this up for your WordPress site… How to Get Google Authorship for your WordPress Blog Here’s the link ! https://suppo… […]

Using WP SmushIt To Make Your Site Load Faster

The time it takes your site to load can hurt your rankings with Google and other Search Engines. Check out this video to find a simple way to improve your WordPress blog’s load time… How to Speed up your Website Loadtimes Part 1: WP Smush It Plugin Review How to speed up your website […]

Modern WordPress SEO

WordPress Seo can be a complex subject to cover. SEO, or Search Engine Optimazation is vital to getting your content ranked on the first page of the results for any word. Considering the top 10 listings get the vast majority of the clicks, (especially the top 3 spots) this can make a huge difference in […]

Setting Up SEO For A New WordPress Blog

Most new WordPress users never think about SEO. More often than not the idea that they may need to learn about SEO is driven by a desire to get their site more traffic. What they do not realize is by this point, the search engines like Google have no idea what their site is about. […]

How To Do WordPress Image SEO

Most WordPress users never give a second thought to SEOing their images. Many think of the Alt. title for images as simply something created to annoy them. While it may not be fun, image SEO can play a big role in getting your site higher in the Search Engine rankings. Most people think the only […]

How To Add Google+ To WordPress

Many people are missing out on a potentially huge source of targeted traffic. Google+ is not have a high profile like Facebook or Twitter. Many people ignore Google+ in favor of better known Social Networking sites. This can be a huge mistake! Let’s think about this for a moment. Google+ belongs to who? Yea, Google. […]

How To Set Up WordPress Multisite

Blog networks used to be a great way to drive traffic. Then Google changed their algorythms and suddenly they seemed to disappear overnight. A few Google animals later, things have once again come full circle and these days blog networks are effective once again. WordPress Multisite has been around for years. Because it is not […]

How To Create A Feedburner RSS Feed For WordPress

Feed services can play a huge role in getting free traffic to your WordPress blog. Adding your blog’s feed to services like Google’s Feedburner is a great way to increase the reach of your blog. In part this works because Feedburner belongs to Google. As the largest of the search engines Google attracts plenty of […]

How To Add A Google News Feed To WordPress

If you have a topical or news based blog you may want to add a feed from the Google News RSS to your WordPress site. This has several advantages none the least of which is placing information Google itself as identifies as authority content side by side with your content. This tends to help you […]

How To Set Up Google Authorship On Your WordPress Site

This video covers linking your content to your Google+ account profile. This has taken on increased importance because of Google's habit of favoring anything associated with Google in their organic search results. The video discusses adding your WordPress blog to your Google+ account. This is also known as Google Authorship. Google automatically inserts your profile […]