Free Themes vs Paid Themes for WordPress

Free Themes vs Paid Themes for WordPress overview! In this video I discuss the differences of free themes vs premium themes for WordPress, and how I would use each of them. In general I’d recommend starting with a free theme and after getting the hang of WordPress moving on to a premium theme that you […]

How To Add New Type Fonts To WordPress

By default the type fonts available for your use on a WordPress blog are limited. Your choices are pretty much limited to commonly used “Web Safe” type fonts. But what if you want to add a bit of flair to your WordPress site by using this cool font you discovered? Like most software programs WordPress […]

Benefits Of Using WordPress

What makes WordPress so great? The majority of the  new sites being created every day on the Internet are WordPress installations. There are millions of WordPress sites all over the World. WordPress is rated as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) by every source. And WordPress does not simply lead the other CMS choices, […]

Creating A WordPress Theme Options Page

One of the things missing from many otherwise great WordPress Themes is a Theme Options Page. This is especially true of PLR WordPress themes. They seldom have this feature and it make it hard to compete with sellers offering full options pages. Adding an options page to the WordPress admin is a great way to […]

How To Create A Mobile WordPress Site

With Smart Phones and Tablets taking the role of primary Internet provider for more and more people each year it makes a lot of sense to have a mobile site for your business. This can involve the creation of a dedicated mobile Web site, an additional expense. Another problem is the scripts used to identify […]

How To Add A Slider To Your WordPress Header

Image sliders are a great way to keep visitors on your site long enough to see what you have to offer. Most Premuim WordPress themes feature a slider of some sort, but few free themes have this feature by default. Like many other things having to do with WordPress, several very good plugins can help […]

How To Add An Affiliate Banner To Your Blog

This is a great video on adding banner ads complete with affiliate links to your WordPress blog. The author, Rajeev Kistoo, shows you how to add a banner to a widget from the WordPress admin area. The only thing I wish the author had done differently here would have been to spend more time going […]

How To Change Your WordPress Theme

This video was first published on and shows you how to update WordPress themes on servers where you can not update themes automatically through the WordPress admin interface. In order to update a theme under these circumstances one method is to update the theme via FTP. This is also used to change to another […]

WordPress Is A Never-Ending Learning Experience

WordPress is constantly evolving and updating. New versions, new features, and perhaps most importantly, new plugins and themes. Each one requires a certain degree of adjustment or learning for WordPress users. Some are really quite simple, others change the game entirely. Some have quirks, others may force you to do a tedious set-up process. Some […]